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unsigned char* yasm_bc_tobytes ( yasm_bytecode bc,
unsigned char *  buf,
unsigned long *  bufsize,
unsigned long *  multiple,
int *  gap,
void *  d,
yasm_output_expr_func  output_expr,
yasm_output_reloc_func  output_reloc 

Convert a bytecode into its byte representation.

bc bytecode
buf byte representation destination buffer
bufsize size of buf (in bytes) prior to call; size of the generated data after call
multiple number of times the data should be duplicated when written to the object file [output]
gap if nonzero, indicates the data does not really need to exist in the object file; if nonzero, contents of buf are undefined [output]
d data to pass to each call to output_expr/output_reloc
output_expr function to call to convert expressions into their byte representation
output_reloc function to call to output relocation entries for a single sym
Newly allocated buffer that should be used instead of buf for reading the byte representation, or NULL if buf was big enough to hold the entire byte representation.
Calling twice on the same bytecode may not produce the same results on the second call, as calling this function may result in non-reversible changes to the bytecode.

Definition at line 810 of file bytecode.c.

References yasm_internal_error, and yasm_xmalloc.

    /*@only@*/ /*@null@*/ unsigned char *mybuf = NULL;
    unsigned char *origbuf, *destbuf;
    /*@dependent@*/ /*@null@*/ const yasm_intnum *num;
    unsigned long datasize;
    int error = 0;

    if (bc->multiple) {
      num = yasm_expr_get_intnum(&bc->multiple, NULL);
      if (!num)
            N_("could not determine multiple in bc_tobytes"));
      *multiple = yasm_intnum_get_uint(num);
      if (*multiple == 0) {
          *bufsize = 0;
          return NULL;
    } else
      *multiple = 1;

    datasize = bc->len / (*multiple);
    *bufsize = datasize;

    /* special case for reserve bytecodes */
    if (bc->callback == &bc_reserve_callback) {
      *gap = 1;
      return NULL;      /* we didn't allocate a buffer */

    *gap = 0;

    if (*bufsize < datasize) {
      mybuf = yasm_xmalloc(sizeof(bc->len));
      origbuf = mybuf;
      destbuf = mybuf;
    } else {
      origbuf = buf;
      destbuf = buf;

    if (!bc->callback)
      yasm_internal_error(N_("got empty bytecode in bc_tobytes"));
      error = bc->callback->tobytes(bc, &destbuf, d, output_expr,

    if (!error && ((unsigned long)(destbuf - origbuf) != datasize))
          N_("written length does not match optimized length"));
    return mybuf;

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